Reflections And The Future – What Next For This Blog?

Hi! My name is Mrs. ETT, and I’m a personal finance blogger. After a year, I finally feel that I’m at the point where I can say this and truly believe it. Look at me! I blog about personal finance. Granted, the focus is more on the personal than the finance, but that’s OK. I began this blog to help me figure out our lives. If it happens to help someone else along the way, that’s great. Taking Stock Now that I’ve blogged for a year, I thought I’d stop and take stock of Enough Time To… Blog My first post was on 7th August 2016, and was an introductory ... Show Me More!

My “Free” Gift – Actually $190 With No Easy Payments!

When I logged into our Siteground account the other day, a lovely image offering a series of free gifts for the holiday season greeted me. How festive! How generous. I had two weeks to mull them over in my Christmas induced food coma before accepting with abandon. But wait… there’s more. A little too much more, once you excitedly unwrap those babies, tear off the pretty paper and pull them out of the box. Free Wildcard SSL for 1 Year SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This technology encrypts data to and from websites and should be well on its way to becoming ubiquitous. Even Google has stated that all other things being ... Show Me More!

Enough Time To… Battle SpamBots!

Pew pew pew! Ladies, gentlemen, and other assorted passengers, this is your Captain speaking. We are interrupting our scheduled journey to reassure you the sights and sounds you are currently experiencing are all part of normal operations of the “Enough Time” Machine. We take the safety and security of our passengers very seriously. After only 3 weeks and as many stops at port, we have some unauthorised passengers attempting to board – SpamBots. And although Mr. ETT’s shooting skills are top-notch, the current scourge requires an upgrade to the “Enough Time” Machine itself, to allow him to return to re-aligning the warp core. All About SpamBots Yes, the SpamBots have ... Show Me More!