2018 – Moving Our Lives

The post below was also mostly written in November 2018. The furthest Mr. ETT and I had ever moved was 5km from each of our parent’s homes when we got married 2 decades ago. This move to regional NSW happened before COVID – it would be an entirely different story today. Enjoy the trip back in the Enough Time Machine. We’re Moving House (November 2018) In my last post, I spoke about getting a new job. What I didn’t tell you is that it is in country NSW! That’s right – Mr. ETT and I are making a tree change.  Why Move? It’s hot, noisy and crowded. Or at least, ... Show Me More!

2018 – A Year of Change

The post below was written in November 2018. I didn’t get around to posting because I was so busy, and I was feeling guilty about leaving the blog for so long! Enjoy the trip back in the Enough Time Machine. Life’s Been a Whirlwind (November 2018) I almost can’t believe I haven’t posted since June, but life’s been a whirlwind since then, so I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s difficult to know where to start! Let’s dive into what I allowed to take priority over blogging. Volunteer Work Now before this turns into a Frugalwoods controversy, let me make it clear that I do not volunteer for a charity, and the ... Show Me More!

Hello! Time for an Update

Hi everyone! It’s been longer than I planned, and even this post is a life update rather than anything financial. My poor blog feels like the friend you keep meaning to speak to, but the longer that passes, the harder it is to reach out and say hi (or is that just me?) The Business I started the business in a rush of enthusiasm, before quickly realising what we already knew—I don’t have enough time! Clearly from my time study, there was no space to add a new activity, which is why blogging dropped off. I’m still enthusiastic about starting a business, still enjoying myself, and still have 1,624,377 steps to ... Show Me More!

Oh Blog, I Have Forsaken Thee

For the first time since I started, I have nothing prepared for this week’s post. Note I say “prepared”—I have plenty of topics lined up that I want to write about, yet I haven’t committed to any of them. My online friends will also have noticed that I’ve not been commenting on blogs, nor Tweeting. What’s Going On? I’ve spoken about my job in the past. In 2016, I was employed as part of a project team to help roll out a new software system. It was due to go live 3 months after I started. I grant, this timeline was never going to be achievable, but there were reasons ... Show Me More!

March 2018 Spending and New Habits

In 2017, we spent $64,000 on everyday expenses. In 2018 we have the goal to be able to live off one wage, or $60,000. To generate that using passive income and the 4% rule, we’ll still need $1,500,000 invested! Every dollar less we spend is another dollar we don’t have to save up for in retirement. Daily Spending Rate March. Sigh. I knew the health insurance was coming, so I also knew that this was going to be another month we wouldn’t meet our daily spending rate. We are a quarter of the year through, and it’s been normal life expenses that again have pushed us over. I’m feeling discouraged, ... Show Me More!