Help! I’ve got #SideHustle FOMO

It started with a Tweet – what’s your side hustle? I do love side hustle listicles, so that night in bed I decided to revisit some. A quick Google of “50 side hustle ideas” brings up some brilliant lists. I thought maybe I was being one of those people who automatically come up with excuses as to why side hustles won’t work for me. Was I self-sabotaging? I started working my way through the ideas. All of my usual reasons were still there. Things hadn’t changed. Then I came across an idea I hadn’t heard of before – website user testing. I feel like I have the skills, and it ... Show Me More!

A Comparison of Australia’s Credit Reporting Bodies

Australia’s credit reporting system doesn’t have as much of an influence on our everyday lives as the American system. However, in the “new normal” world of massive data breaches and identity theft, checking your credit report should form a part of both your online safety and financial strategies. Why Have a Credit Reporting System? If you were to lend money to a friend or family, you generally do so with the expectation that they will pay you back. You trust them, they’re good for it. Well, hands up if you’ve ever been disappointed? Maybe they didn’t pay you back. Perhaps they paid you back in dribs and drabs over a ... Show Me More!

My “Free” Gift – Actually $190 With No Easy Payments!

When I logged into our Siteground account the other day, a lovely image offering a series of free gifts for the holiday season greeted me. How festive! How generous. I had two weeks to mull them over in my Christmas induced food coma before accepting with abandon. But wait… there’s more. A little too much more, once you excitedly unwrap those babies, tear off the pretty paper and pull them out of the box. Free Wildcard SSL for 1 Year SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This technology encrypts data to and from websites and should be well on its way to becoming ubiquitous. Even Google has stated that all other things being ... Show Me More!