Enough Time To… Read Books (Experiment Results)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the feeling that after a life spent with my head stuck in a book, I no longer have time to indulge, instead snatching pieces of time here and there. I’m worried that the ability to just sit and read for an extended period of time is a skill I have lost. I undertook a reading experiment, to document what and when I am reading. So please, sit back, remove your space helmet (the oxygen generators are fully functioning), and join us in analysing the results. 1/ Physical Books Are No Longer My Main Form of Reading Material I listen to Audiobooks more ... Show Me More!

Enough Time To… Read Books

“Surely she was entitled to read, had seen to it that she inconvenienced no-one. People who wanted her to give up reading were asking too much without offering anything in return.” I for Isobel, Amy Witting. Reading/Breathing – Both Essential to Life Like many of you, I love reading. I always have – it is part of who I am. One of my mum’s frequent laments when I was a child went something like “why can’t you be a normal kid, get your head out of that book and go outside to play?” I read at every meal I ate on my own. I read on the toilet. I read while ... Show Me More!