ETT Budget Breakdown with YNAB – Quality of Life Goals/Just for Fun

I love seeing how other people budget, getting down to the nitty-gritty of their categories and numbers, but I don’t feel it is fair to gain value out of what others are contributing without contributing something ourselves. As promised, here is the seventh Budget Breakdown for the Enough Time Machine. This represents how much we budget per month, not necessarily how much we spend. This week we are looking at Quality of Life and Fun! Now we are getting to the more rewarding part of our budget. As I said in my previous post, your budget is not out to make you miserable. If you have the capacity and all of your obligations/needs covered, it is important to have ... Show Me More!

Enough Time To… Read Books (Experiment Results)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the feeling that after a life spent with my head stuck in a book, I no longer have time to indulge, instead snatching pieces of time here and there. I’m worried that the ability to just sit and read for an extended period of time is a skill I have lost. I undertook a reading experiment, to document what and when I am reading. So please, sit back, remove your space helmet (the oxygen generators are fully functioning), and join us in analysing the results. 1/ Physical Books Are No Longer My Main Form of Reading Material I listen to Audiobooks more ... Show Me More!

Enough Time To… Read Books

“Surely she was entitled to read, had seen to it that she inconvenienced no-one. People who wanted her to give up reading were asking too much without offering anything in return.” I for Isobel, Amy Witting. Reading/Breathing – Both Essential to Life Like many of you, I love reading. I always have – it is part of who I am. One of my mum’s frequent laments when I was a child went something like “why can’t you be a normal kid, get your head out of that book and go outside to play?” I read at every meal I ate on my own. I read on the toilet. I read while ... Show Me More!