CTP Green Slip Refund – Get What You’re Owed Today!

Last week, I recovered $54.48 of money that I, as the registered owner of a vehicle in NSW, had been overcharged. I was one of 4.2 million people eligible after a change to the CTP Green Slip scheme. If you live in NSW and were the registered owner of a car before 30th November 2017, chances are you may get a CTP Green Slip refund too. What is a CTP Green Slip? A Compulsory Third Party Green Slip is a form of insurance required for all registered vehicles in NSW (aside from trailers). Money collected under this insurance scheme is used to support the recovery of people injured in motor ... Show Me More!

An Honest Review of Noble Oak’s New Life Insurance Calculator

Recently, Noble Oak reached out to me for a review of their new life insurance calculator tool. While this is a solicited post, all opinions below are my own. I was not paid for this post, and there are no affiliate links. Last year, I reviewed our level of life insurance, and took action based upon what I found. Unfortunately, Mr. ETT didn’t follow through at the time, so this was a great prompt for revisiting our needs. I’ll be the first to admit that I resent paying for any sort of insurance (not a surprise to regular readers). Even so, I appreciate the importance of having a backup, even ... Show Me More!

Life Insurance Isn’t Just About You – Or Is It?

Life insurance. As with all insurance, the question becomes: how much do you need? Economists and statisticians can put a price on human life, but most people I know generally don’t tend to do so. And as long as you can afford the premiums, you can find some policies that will allow you to insure yourself for a very large sum indeed. Our History of Life Insurance As I spoke about in my goals post last year, we have two policies. We are each insured for $125,000 through our superannuation. This is the standard offering given to all new members, and being default cover, is unlikely to be anywhere near ... Show Me More!

Life Insurance – Making An Unhappy Future Easier

Very early on in my working life, a colleague and I had a conversation about life insurance. She was totally against the prospect, saying that she would never want to profit from the death of her husband. She had a moral objection to the idea. I see life insurance as a safety net. No amount of money will ever replace a loved one, of course. But to me, that isn’t the purpose of life insurance. The purpose is to enable those left behind to continue to live the standard of life they had while you were alive. Imaging dealing with the most stressful event in life, while also having to ... Show Me More!

Contents Insurance – How Much Should You Insure Your Contents For?

Last post, I showed you how to estimate the cost of rebuilding your house, and so determine an indicative amount to insure it for. This post we are looking at what is in your house. From all those things that have been there for so long, you don’t even notice them anymore, to everything you use on a daily basis. If you are at home reading this, stop what you’re doing and look around. Imagine every little thing you can see just disappearing like soap bubbles – pop, pop, pop! This includes the chair or lounge you’re sitting on, or the shoes on your feet. This is why you may ... Show Me More!