Developing Our FIRE Goal

It’s time to review our FIRE savings against our goals. We have continued saving on auto-pilot for the last three years. Are we on track? If not, what do we need to do to meet our goal? Initially, we didn’t set a FIRE goal. Rather than reaching for an age when we could retire, I was working backwards. I took the retirement age as the age you can access the pension in Australia (67). Then, knowing we spend $80,000 a year, I was reducing 67 by 1 year for every $80,000 we saved. Using that calculation, we can retire early by 5 years, or at 62. Now, that’s nothing to ... Show Me More!

There’s A Fly In My Ointment – 2018 Spending Goals

This time last year, I’d recorded our first yearly spending, and the shock of the number drove me to set a goal of reducing our spending by 10% in 2017. I was fired up and ready to commit, to both financial and personal goals. After achieving our 2017 spending goals, I find myself at a bit of a loss. There isn’t this big, horrible thing driving me, although we know we still spend a good $20,000–$30,000 more than most other Financial Independence bloggers. I’ve been collecting possible ideas in my brain, reading what others are doing, and letting it all swish around. I’m finally ready to put something together. First, the ... Show Me More!

The End Result of my Job Conundrum Is…

Six days after the job closed, I was offered an interview. Because I hate email, I don’t log in every day, which meant that: They sent me the invitation to interview on Tuesday afternoon. I opened it on Wednesday morning before work. The interview time was 10am Thursday! The Job Interview I was not expecting things to happen so quickly. I still had to go to work on Wednesday, so spent all my train trip time and lunch reviewing and preparing. That night I continued preparation, along with taking an hour to fill out all the paperwork. I also had to ask/notify my referees. I’d been holding off, because if ... Show Me More!

Is Workplace Loyalty Holding Me Back?

This is not the post I had scheduled, but I need to draw on the collective wisdom of the PF blogosphere. Is workplace loyalty an outdated concept? A Short History 18 months ago, I left my job for the one I’m now in. My previous job was part-time, 5 minutes from home, and reasonably paid on an ongoing contract basis. I enjoyed it, and still have a good relationship with the business, but for various reasons it was time for me to move on. My “new” job is full-time, and takes about 1 hour door-to-door. You can see how I spend my hours in my Day in the Life post. ... Show Me More!