Reflections And The Future – What Next For This Blog?

Hi! My name is Mrs. ETT, and I’m a personal finance blogger. After a year, I finally feel that I’m at the point where I can say this and truly believe it. Look at me! I blog about personal finance. Granted, the focus is more on the personal than the finance, but that’s OK. I began this blog to help me figure out our lives. If it happens to help someone else along the way, that’s great. Taking Stock Now that I’ve blogged for a year, I thought I’d stop and take stock of Enough Time To… Blog My first post was on 7th August 2016, and was an introductory ... Show Me More!

Are You Part of the Rockstar Finance Forums?

This is just a quick aside (and a chance for me to see what the “Aside” format of my WordPress theme looks like) to point you to the Rockstar Finance Forums if you haven’t already visited. I’ve only been a member for a few days, but I’ve not only enjoyed myself, I’ve received some really valuable answers to questions I’ve asked. It’s a place for all personal finance/FIRE people to hang out and chat. It would be good to see more Aussies there as well! If you decide to sign up… Head to my poll I’m curious as to what walks of life we FI people come from. Results so ... Show Me More!