What’s Our FIRE Goal?

After allowing the practicalities of saving for FIRE to continue on auto-pilot for three years, I feel like it is time to come back, review where we are, and look at our FIRE goal. A Vague FIRE Goal The first thing to note is that I can’t remember what our old goal was! That has to be a cardinal sin for someone reaching for FIRE. I know we want to retire early, but what age is early to us? I’m 48, and we are following a SlowFIRE path (i.e. still spending a lot with a low savings rate). That is where this blog comes in handy.  Going back through my ... Show Me More!

FIRE Tax Time Shock

Let me start by acknowledging that this is a post of privilege. I support paying tax. Sometimes I’m a direct beneficiary of what those taxes are spent on (health, education, roads). If not, my taxes go to benefit others who are not as privileged or lucky as I have been (pension, disability, unemployment benefits). Growth We have the majority of our FIRE savings in a Vanguard Managed Fund. As most of you know, last year was extraordinary in terms of market returns – over 20% for our superannuation, for example. Mr. ETT and I were astounded to see we had earned $40,000, of which $31,000 was Capital Gains. The year ... Show Me More!

How’s the New Job? (3 Years On)

Many of us come to discover the concept of Financial Independence due to dissatisfaction with our work. We might be dreaming about the Retire Early component of FIRE, or we may be yearning to find a way of making a self-directed living aligned with our values. In the meantime, generally our jobs are the primary driver of our journey to FIRE. You can see in my older posts that I’d become frustrated with the job I was in. I’ve discovered over the years that if I don’t believe in what I’m doing, if I don’t see value and benefit, then my commitment drops. Obviously it’s harmful to me, but it’s ... Show Me More!

2018 – Moving Our Lives

The post below was also mostly written in November 2018. The furthest Mr. ETT and I had ever moved was 5km from each of our parent’s homes when we got married 2 decades ago. This move to regional NSW happened before COVID – it would be an entirely different story today. Enjoy the trip back in the Enough Time Machine. We’re Moving House (November 2018) In my last post, I spoke about getting a new job. What I didn’t tell you is that it is in country NSW! That’s right – Mr. ETT and I are making a tree change.  Why Move? It’s hot, noisy and crowded. Or at least, ... Show Me More!

2018 – A Year of Change

The post below was written in November 2018. I didn’t get around to posting because I was so busy, and I was feeling guilty about leaving the blog for so long! Enjoy the trip back in the Enough Time Machine. Life’s Been a Whirlwind (November 2018) I almost can’t believe I haven’t posted since June, but life’s been a whirlwind since then, so I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s difficult to know where to start! Let’s dive into what I allowed to take priority over blogging. Volunteer Work Now before this turns into a Frugalwoods controversy, let me make it clear that I do not volunteer for a charity, and the ... Show Me More!