Time Tracking — I Do How Much of What?!

I tracked my time in February. This came about because I was feeling overwhelmed after returning to work. I had no time to do what I wanted! Last week, I explained how I prepared the time tracking data for analysis. This week is the fun part—digging in to what it can tell me about myself. If you’d like to dig into my data for yourself, you can play with the Tableau graph. The Big Picture First, let’s take a high-level overview of how I spent my 3 weeks. This is slightly skewed, as I had 2 Fridays off during this time. I play Dungeons and Dragons on a Friday night. ... Show Me More!

Time Study Completed—So Much Lovely Data

A month ago, I was feeling completely overwhelmed. We had returned to work after 2 weeks off, which triggered my feelings. Imagine it’s 26 degrees inside, and you step outside to a 28 degree day. It’s a bit warmer, but you adjust quickly. That is my normal working routine. Compare that to stepping outside into 47 degrees. You feel the full force of the sun boring into your scalp, trying to immolate you. That’s what returning to work after having time off felt like. I decided to complete a time study to see whether I truly didn’t have enough of it. The old saying “work expands to fit the time ... Show Me More!

February 2018 Spending and New Habits

In 2017, we spent $64,000 on everyday expenses. In 2018 we have the goal to be able to live off one wage, or $60,000. To generate that using passive income and the 4% rule, we’ll still need $1,500,000 invested! Every dollar less we spend is another dollar we don’t have to save up for in retirement. Daily Spending Rate I’ve been in avoidance mode all month, because it felt spendy from day 1. This mode is not helpful! We need to calculate our daily spending rate more frequently so we can make course corrections along the way. I will Tweet our DSR once a week as an accountability measure. This month ... Show Me More!

Anatomy of an Equity Crowdfunding Offer

In Part 1, I researched four main components of Crowd-Sourced Equity Funding—The Company, The Intermediary, The Investor and The Offer. Today I run through the process of equity crowdfunding, from inception to closure. Equity Crowdfunding Step 1 A company decides it would like to raise some crowdsourced funds. It has made sure it meets the requirements, so chooses an intermediary to host its offer. As of February 2017, only 7 companies have licenses to act as CSEF intermediaries. This will increase in the future. The hosting intermediary investigates the company to make sure they can take part in equity crowdfunding. This includes checks to confirm the identity of a company. ... Show Me More!

An Honest Review of Noble Oak’s New Life Insurance Calculator

Recently, Noble Oak reached out to me for a review of their new life insurance calculator tool. While this is a solicited post, all opinions below are my own. I was not paid for this post, and there are no affiliate links. Last year, I reviewed our level of life insurance, and took action based upon what I found. Unfortunately, Mr. ETT didn’t follow through at the time, so this was a great prompt for revisiting our needs. I’ll be the first to admit that I resent paying for any sort of insurance (not a surprise to regular readers). Even so, I appreciate the importance of having a backup, even ... Show Me More!