Are you interested in writing a guest post for Enough Time To?

First and foremost, I’m afraid there is no remuneration available for writing a guest post. Enough Time To… is a personal, non-monetised blog. It’s costing me to keep this ship flying!

You will be able to add a short, personal biography along with a link back to your blog. Publishing a guest post may expose your writing to a different audience. Do you need to have a blog? Absolutely not! I’m looking for interesting, quality content. You don’t have to blog to submit a guest post.


I am seeking guest post topics related to time:

  • Having enough time/Not  having enough time/Making more time/Better using the time you have
  • How you spend your time/How others spend their time/How you want to spend your time
  • Time and money
  • Perceptions of time
  • Time machines! (I’m open to considering quirky/speculative/different)

A guest post could be about wormholes and their effect on time.

Your post doesn’t have to be explicitly educational. If you have a really interesting story, I’d love to hear it. If you wish to include personal finance or other related topics, that’s fine too.

Structure and Content

Post length is 500 – 1,500 words.

I will design the header image in keeping with the blog theme. You are welcome to submit images for your piece.

I will review all links in the piece and reserve the right to remove any I feel are not suitable.

No product placement. I only recommend products that I actually use and love. If there is an absolutely compelling reason to include a product, contact me first. Warning: I’m a hard sell.


Enough Time To… requires original content. That means not publishing posts used elsewhere, as well as not posting elsewhere after your post has been published here.

I give first preference to Australian and New Zealand writers. We do what we can to help each other out; compared to the US, we have a tiny circle of influence. If you are from another country, I may work with you on “Australianising” your piece if it so requires. This includes spelling, references to financial vehicles and slang.

Enough Time To… posts on an 8 day cycle. I will work with you to set the publishing date.

You can expect an initial reply to your submission within 7 days. I’m an autocrat, so if I say no thanks, please don’t take offence! I will return your piece to you for publishing elsewhere.