Obsession, Motivation and Getting Stuff Done

As I said last post, I’ve suddenly “come back” to FIRE due to the nagging feeling we could be doing more. When I say come back, I don’t mean in the monetary sense. We didn’t stop following the plan we laid down before I stopped blogging. The advantage of set and forget into a Vanguard fund is that it takes more effort to stop investing than it does to start. I’m a big sucker for making inertia work for me! What I mean is knowing what is going on in the FIRE world. Who is new? Who is still around? (Miss Balance!) How are they going? Where are they at ... Show Me More!

My FIRE is Sputtering

This is not the post I was planning on writing for you today. According to my calendar, I should be delighting you with the simplicity of asset allocation. Instead, I find myself tired and lacking motivation. The path to financial independence is sloooooow. We are looking at 15 years if: We (continue to) work at it The sharemarket gods remain benevolent, or at least continue to provide the historical average return We don’t do anything stupid when markets drop, as they will at some point. We are still in Year 1 of those 15 years. Besides being slow, working towards financial independence involves making lots of little daily decisions. Day ... Show Me More!

A Tale of Two Retirements – My Perfect Retirement

Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) usually has a focus on the financial aspect. After all, it’s unlikely you can retire early if you don’t have your finances under control. However, there is a subset of the movement that highlights the emotional aspect of retirement; ensuring you have a plan for your days when those days are no longer controlled by someone else. I recently came cross two examples of retirement that crystallised what I do, and don’t, want. I’m formulating my perfect retirement. The Retirement I Want To Avoid This came from a totally unexpected source. Mr. ETT and I were both browsing the web in front of the TV (yes, we ... Show Me More!