Is space travel not your cup of tea? Are you unsure about travelling with this particular crew? Fear not, you can disembark at any of the following spaceports and discover beings of intelligence, wit and wisdom. You may encounter the occasional Tribble. We cannot be held responsible, those things end up everywhere!

Australian Blogs

Adventures with Poopsie
All About Balance
FIRE by Thirty-Five
Dividends Down Under
Aussie Firebug
Strong Money Australia
The FI Explorer
Money Flamingo
Late Starter FIRE
Project Palm Tree

Rest of the World Blogs

A list of FI blogs is located at Campfire Finance. You can filter by topic or country. Still, it can be a bit overwhelming. These are the blogs that I particularly enjoy.

Living a FI – No longer active but an influential blog. Deserves to stay.
Quietly Saving


Meaningful Money
The Pineapple Project
Money Magazine Australia
The Smart Passive Income Podcast

WordPress Blogs


Blogs No Longer Active

But I came back after three years, so never say never!

Get Money Wise
Catching Up to FIRE
Sex Health Money Death
The Finance Zombie
Chief Mom Officer

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Remembering blogs I used to enjoy.

Hey, It’s Just Money!
Big Kid Little Adult
Ms Frugal Ears
The Wealthy Bogan

More docking stations being added … stay tuned.


Want to commission a spacecraft of your own? The “Enough Time” Machine’s warp core is powered by Siteground. It’s really the only reliable component on board – just last week our port thruster pod simply tumbled away. If you utilise their services from this link, they’ll contribute towards the upkeep of our ship. With safety always at the forefront of our minds, as a passenger, you’ll benefit yourself in two ways!