Board Games Houseboat Weekend 2021

Well look at that – it’s been three years since I last wrote, and now we’ve returned from our 2021 houseboat board games weekend. We went in 2019, skipped 2020 due to COVID, and this year hired a bigger boat and went with a larger group. For the first year since we’ve been doing this, we had sunshine the entire weekend.

Sunshine sparkling on water is good for the soul.

Since 2018, Mr ETT and I moved house and began new jobs. While we continued to save for FIRE on auto-pilot, now we are settling back into a routine, I’ve started becoming… uncomfortable? Worried? I don’t really know how to put it, but I know we can be doing more, not just in FIRE but in life. 

I’ve started reading FIRE blogs again. It’s great to see some of my old favourites are still out there, providing advice and encouragement, and sharing their journeys (hello AwP and Weenie)! There are also some new bloggers in town who are providing me with inspiration and things to think about (Money Flamingo and Late Starter Fire). There are so many more I haven’t yet had time to catch up on – 3 years of posts for each blog takes some time to work through!

We had a few new games this year – Battle for Greyport was one of them.

I can’t say I’m back permanently (look what happened last time), but blogging helps me crystallise my thoughts, away from this vague feeling of unease. If we are going to make some changes, it also helps with accountability; this has been lacking for me and it seems I need some sort of accountability to keep me on track. 

It’s time for us to sit back down and almost start again from scratch. What do we have, what do we want, how do we plan on getting there, and by when? Because I’ll be honest – I’m feeling weary. While the FIRE steps we’d taken before 2020 gave us great comfort knowing that no matter what, we’d be able to ride out COVID financially (we didn’t even need to, we were both lucky enough to keep working), the RE part has been on my mind a lot lately. This could all just come down to needing a mindset change – who knows? Hopefully blogging will help bring some clarity

I’m not making any promises about regular posts, but there are already lots of things I’d like to share. Hopefully, I’ll see you back here soon.

3 thoughts on “Board Games Houseboat Weekend 2021

  1. Miss Balance says:

    Great to hear from you! I can’t believe it has been 3 years since you guys moved away! The time has gone past so quickly.

    Catching up on 3 years worth of posts on my blog will be super quick 😉 I rarely write anymore though enjoy reading and seeing where everyone is up to on their journeys.

    I too am happy to go along for a while, then feel the need to review and reasses, asking similar questions to what you have. What do you want? Are we still on track? Has anything changed? How do we feel about it all now?

    I think checking in and asking those questions and ensuring you don’t get stuck in a holding pattern is super important.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again if more posts come 😀

    • Mrs. ETT says:

      Miss B, hello hello! Me either, I got into a “feeling guilty about not posting” loop, then suddenly it’s 2021 🤭. I did visit your site, things sound like they are going well. Thanks for writing the questions you ask yourself – I will put some thought into them for us. I was still at the vague stage. Hope you are coping OK in lockdown.

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