CTP Green Slip Refund – Get What You’re Owed Today!

Last week, I recovered $54.48 of money that I, as the registered owner of a vehicle in NSW, had been overcharged. I was one of 4.2 million people eligible after a change to the CTP Green Slip scheme. If you live in NSW and were the registered owner of a car before 30th November 2017, chances are you may get a CTP Green Slip refund too.

What is a CTP Green Slip?

A Compulsory Third Party Green Slip is a form of insurance required for all registered vehicles in NSW (aside from trailers). Money collected under this insurance scheme is used to support the recovery of people injured in motor vehicle accidents.

Why the Change?

The State Insurance Regulatory Body says:

“The previous scheme was broken. An injured person often had to wait on average between three and five years after the motor accident, to receive compensation. Only 45 cents in every CTP dollar collected by insurers… went to injured people as benefits. The rest went in scheme costs, insurer profit and legal and investigation costs. NSW had some of the highest premiums in Australia and without reform, prices would have continued to rise. Fraudulent claims were estimated to add up to $75 to the cost of each Green Slip.”

What Changed?

Payments are no longer made as a lump sum. So, in most cases there isn’t a need to determine fault or negotiate a compensation amount. This means less money spent on complex legal and medical investigations, and more money spent on injured people.

Payments begin more quickly after a claim is made, and all people can claim for up to 6 months, regardless of fault. If the fault is not the injured person’s, then they may be able to claim for longer than 6 months. The money can cover home help, a percentage of pay, and treatment/rehabilitation costs.

More detailed information on benefits and claim periods can be found on the SIRA page New Benefits for Inured People.

How Do I Get My CTP Green Slip Refund?

Patience, young padawan. First, an understanding of the refund limitations.

Motorbikes are not eligible for the refund, as riders have three times the chance of being injured in an accident, and sustain a higher rate of serious injury. The cost of an injury claim by a motorcyclist is nearly triple that of people injured in car accidents. Instead, motorbike riders benefit from the new “payment despite fault” provision. 90% of motorbike claims under the old scheme were restricted to $5,000 combined income and medical costs, as the rider was deemed at fault. Now, they are eligible for 6 months as detailed above.

Refunds of less than $10 will not be paid.

Claims for a refund must be made by 30th September 2018.

Due to the high volume of claims, the website only operates between 7pm and 7am from Monday to Saturday, and all day on Sunday.

You need a ServiceNSW account (easy to establish if you don’t have one already), as well as a record with the RMS that has a phone number and email address recorded. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure about this, it will tell you if you need to do anything.

Refunds are paid on pro-rata basis. The new scheme began on 1st December 2017. The closer your renewal to this date, the larger refund you are entitled to. The image shows an estimate for a car in the Outer Metro area. Other refund estimates exist for Sydney Metro, Country, Newcastle and Wollongong.

CTP Greenslip Refund Estimate Outer Metro

Show Me The Money!

Visit the Claim a CTP Green Slip Refund website (don’t forget – only after 7pm Monday – Saturday, or all day Sunday)

Registering for a Service NSW Account

If you don’t already have an account, it’s easy. Sign up to create an account, then wait for an email with the activation code. Activate your account, and log in.

CTP Green Slip Refund Login Screen

In the next step, you have the choice to complete your personal profile. Not being one to give away information when it isn’t strictly necessary, I decided to skip. I don’t know why I bothered, because the rest of this process is about linking various government departments that already hold my details anyway.

Service NSW Dashboard

Once at your dashboard, you need to link to the RMS, by  clicking on the {Link Services} button. Once there, click on Roads.

Service NSW Link Services Dashboard

Three ways to link your account:

3 Ways To Link ServiceNSW to Roads RMS

NSW Driver Licence or Photo Card

Link to Roads Driver Licence Details

Customer and Vehicle Details

Link to Roads Registration Details

Link to Roads Registration Details 2myRTA.com Account

Link to Roads myRTA

Apparently, if you don’t have a telephone number and email address on record with RMS, you can’t link the service in any manner (believe me, I tried!)

ServiceNSW Link to Roads Unsuccessful
Grrr. I can’t believe I have to get on an actual telephone and talk to an actual person.

It only took 45 minutes waiting on hold to provide the needed details the next day. At least I was met with the following when I tried again:

ServiceNSW Link to Roads Successful

Once I’d linked, I noticed the panel below on my dashboard. Don’t be fooled! Even though both “My Applications” and the Available button are hyperlinked, they won’t take you anywhere useful.

CTP Green Slip Refund Available!
Deceptive clickable buttons.

Instead, click on {Claim CTP Refund} on another tile.

ServiceNSW Claim CTP Refund Dashboard Tile
Happy button!

The next step will notify you of the refund amount:

CTP Green Slip Refund $54.48

Finally, provide your bank account details, agree to the terms and conditions, read the privacy statement and you’re done. You even get the chance to provide feedback if you wish. Given the volume of claims, it could take 1 – 2 weeks to see the money in your account.

Also note, Mr. ETT has been trying for a couple of nights, and the website has been down.

A Final, Cynical Aside

You aren’t actually getting the full refund returned to you. For the privilege of completing the above exercise, an administration fee of $7.87 has been skimmed from the top.

Likewise, I see this as a huge data grab by the government. Imagine getting 4.2 million people all updating their personal details, and linking their data from different government departments. From a data point of view, I love it! From an information privacy point of view, I’m just waiting for the next big breach.


Thank you to Mr. Homemaker who first posted about this scheme.

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