Merry Christmas 2017!

Despite all of my bah-humbug, I’d like to wish everyone reading a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and goodwill to all people. Special thoughts go out to those who are having a hard time right now, whether it be through illness, loss of a loved one, or loneliness. I also extend my appreciation to people whose jobs require them to work over Christmas. Thanks for keeping our essential services running. Mr. ETT and I are busy cleaning, preparing, arguing about the air conditioning… and loving having time to ourselves. See you all in 2018, when we’ll be another year closer to FIRE!

November 2017 Spending and New Habits

After our expensive year in 2016, we set ourselves a goal to reduce our spending by 10% in 2017. We want to do this because it has a double effect. Firstly, it frees up more money to invest for our future. Secondly, if we can live on less, then it brings that future much closer. In 2016, we spent $80,000. To generate that using passive income and the 4% rule, we would need $2,000,000 invested! This was the month I had a meltdown, fell off the wagon and generally decided I didn’t want to adult any more. Thankfully it began to pass after a couple of weeks, but I’m still

Top Money Saving Tip — Cancel Christmas

My childhood memories of Christmas are wonderful. We were on holidays with no homework to complete for next term. We could do what we wanted with our days. We roamed the neighbourhood with kids from the street, riding our bikes and swimming in the pool next door. I could read all day if I liked. Christmas was a time of anticipation—decorating the Christmas tree, adding wrapped presents underneath, putting up tinsel and spray-on snow*, waking early on Christmas morning to race out and see what Santa had left for us, then playing with new toys all day. Of course there was some sort of Christmas meal, but they don’t feature