Life Insurance Isn’t Just About You – Or Is It?

Life insurance. As with all insurance, the question becomes: how much do you need? Economists and statisticians can put a price on human life, but most people I know generally don’t tend to do so. And as long as you can afford the premiums, you can find some policies that will allow you to insure yourself for a very large sum indeed. Our History of Life Insurance As I spoke about in my goals post last year, we have two policies. We are each insured for $125,000 through our superannuation. This is the standard offering given to all new members, and being default cover, is unlikely to be anywhere near

Life Insurance – Making An Unhappy Future Easier

Very early on in my working life, a colleague and I had a conversation about life insurance. She was totally against the prospect, saying that she would never want to profit from the death of her husband. She had a moral objection to the idea. I see life insurance as a safety net. No amount of money will ever replace a loved one, of course. But to me, that isn’t the purpose of life insurance. The purpose is to enable those left behind to continue to live the standard of life they had while you were alive. Imaging dealing with the most stressful event in life, while also having to

Is Workplace Loyalty Holding Me Back?

This is not the post I had scheduled, but I need to draw on the collective wisdom of the PF blogosphere. Is workplace loyalty an outdated concept? A Short History 18 months ago, I left my job for the one I’m now in. My previous job was part-time, 5 minutes from home, and reasonably paid on an ongoing contract basis. I enjoyed it, and still have a good relationship with the business, but for various reasons it was time for me to move on. My “new” job is full-time, and takes about 1 hour door-to-door. You can see how I spend my hours in my Day in the Life post.

August 2017 Spending and New Habits

After our expensive year in 2016, we set ourselves a goal to reduce our spending by 10% in 2017. We want to do this because it has a double effect. Firstly, it frees up more money to invest for our future. Secondly, if we can live on less, then it brings that future much closer. In 2016, we spent $80,000. To generate that using passive income and the 4% rule, we would need $2,000,000 invested! August turned out to have some unexpected expenses. We paid to replace our clothesline, along with our microwave. We also had a medical bill not covered by Medicare. Daily Spending Rate I thought that by