Enough Time To… Battle SpamBots!

Pew pew pew! Ladies, gentlemen, and other assorted passengers, this is your Captain speaking. We are interrupting our scheduled journey to reassure you the sights and sounds you are currently experiencing are all part of normal operations of the “Enough Time” Machine. We take the safety and security of our passengers very seriously. After only 3 weeks and as many stops at port, we have some unauthorised passengers attempting to board – SpamBots. And although Mr. ETT’s shooting skills are top-notch, the current scourge requires an upgrade to the “Enough Time” Machine itself, to allow him to return to re-aligning the warp core. All About SpamBots Yes, the SpamBots have

Enough Time To… Budget

The first two posts in this ships log have been a bit gloomy, so its high time we broached a subject that I do have enough time to do – budgeting! The “Enough Time” Machine seems to vapourise credits (along with the hydrogen grilles, but we clearly weren’t at fault for that). Budgeting Then I can credit my mum for teaching me how to budget. When I got my first job as a teenager, she sat me down with a ruled exercise book, and made me record the ins and the outs. The habit carried over into our marriage, where I used to budget to every dollar. I used the

Enough Time To… Read Books

“Surely she was entitled to read, had seen to it that she inconvenienced no-one. People who wanted her to give up reading were asking too much without offering anything in return.” I for Isobel, Amy Witting. Reading/Breathing – Both Essential to Life Like many of you, I love reading. I always have – it is part of who I am. One of my mum’s frequent laments when I was a child went something like “why can’t you be a normal kid, get your head out of that book and go outside to play?” I read at every meal I ate on my own. I read on the toilet. I read while

Enough Time To… The Beginning

Have you ever looked at a friend, or read about someone, and wondered “How on earth do they have enough time to do that?” Enough time to work full-time including on-call, raise 2 small children, share the household chores, complete multiple Masters degrees (all with High Distinction), read numerous books, and write RPG modules in his “spare” time? Yes, my friend, you know who you are! Or the doctor I knew a long time ago, who was also an Olympic medallist. 12 years of study, 60 hour weeks, and she still had the time to compete at a world level. In comparison, I … well, I work. Then come home.